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Singapore Holiday Packages

Southeast Asia is world-renowned for its exotic, wild, unique and bizarre destinations. From Vietnam to Thailand and Indonesia, people have unforgettable adventures in this part of the world. But amongst all these holiday jewels is one that remains somewhat hidden, even though it has grand skyscrapers, rooftop infinity pools, epic dining and nightlife, and a whole lot more to make your well-deserved holiday ridiculous. Singapore should be high on your list of places to go for the exact reasons we stated above. Book one of Wotif’s insane Singapore holiday deals and see all the glamour for yourself.

Fun Galore in Singapore

The list of amazing things to do in this city is long and distinguished, and would probably take at least a few months to complete. Since you probably only have a week or two, though, here are a few things to do to make your trip something to remember:

  • Southern Ridges – There’s nothing better than beginning your day by working up a good sweat, so start yours with a run along the Southern Ridges. It’s a 6km long trail along the southern ridge of the city that features many awesome attractions. Make a pit stop in Mount Faber Park for sweeping views of the city before setting off on the Henderson Waves Bridge, the coolest pedestrian bridge in the area.
  • Singapore Zoo – If you want to visit one of the coolest zoos in the world, look no further than the Singapore Zoo. This place is incredible. The animals are displayed in the more modern way –with natural, open enclosures that sport hidden barriers and moats. It’s also home to the largest colony of captive orangutans in the world and you could easily spend hours watching them interact with each other.
  • Marina Bay Sands – If you’ve done any research on Singapore holidays, you’ve seen this hotel come across your radar screen. It’s probably the coolest hotel in the city—not just because of the restaurants and awesome rooms, but because of the unreal infinity pool that graces its rooftop. It’s 191m above the street and offers the best views of the city’s skyline. Well worth a dip.

For the Love of God, Eat!

Like most Southeast Asian destinations, this place has unbelievable dining options. From five-star restaurants to street food hawkers, the food here is fantastic. Get a Singapore car rental so you can cruise the city looking for the perfect meal. Keep your eye out for some of these joints and dishes below:

  • Chilli Crab – This is one of the country’s most popular dishes, and therefore something you must try. Mud crabs are stir-fried in a sweet chilli and tomato sauce and served with small, deep-fried sweet buns called mantou. We can’t stress it enough: You must try this dish.
  • Hawker Centres – These are little markets that are popular with locals and tourists alike. They are very affordable and offer a wide array of traditional Malaysian dishes. Things like Hainanese chicken rice, char kway teow, and kaya toast. Some of the most popular hawker centres are Newton Circus and Gluttons Bay.
  • Waku Ghin – When you want to throw down some serious moolah on a phenomenal meal, head back to the Marina Bay Sands and get a table at Waku Ghin. Order the sea urchin with caviar and wagyu with wasabi and citrus soy. You might pass out because of how great it is.

We can’t wait until you book one of our Singapore holiday packages, because that means you’re going on the journey of a lifetime. Nothing but food, fun and Instagram posts. What more could you ask for?

Well…you could ask us if we have any other fine deals to offer. Lucky for you, we have awesome offers on Jurong holidays, so book one now and make the 18 kilometre journey from Singapore to Jurong. You could use a short day trip, couldn’t you?

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