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Fatumaru Lodge Port Vila
Beachfront Resort
Deco Stop Lodge
The Havannah Vanuatu - Exclusively for adults
Freshwater Private Resort
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Mt. Yasur

Vanuatu Holiday Packages

Warm, clear waters and vivid coral reefs teeming with colour and life draw travellers to Vanuatu’s laid-back shores. With rich Melanesian culture only lava-spitting mountain in the world that you're actually encouraged to climb, Vanuatu holiday packages take you to the mouth of the volcano—literally.

Things to Do in Vanuatu

Vanuatu deals from Wotif will transport you to the island’s most exciting draw: the fire-breathing volcano of Mount Yasur on Tanna. You can drive within metres of the crater's rim and watch as the old man spews glowing magma high overhead, and then listen as cooling boulders crash back down the crater's interior. This is truly an unforgettable scene. Away from the heat, explore other natural wonders with one of Wotif’s car hire options on Vanatu Island. Drive along the main island of Efate to view its beautiful scenery and make stops to scuba dive or snorkel in the clear waters, containing some of the most diverse aquatic life in the world. Nearby neighbour Santos is famed for its beautiful beaches, blue holes and wreck dives, particularly the WWII troop carrier SS Coolidge. It's said to be as impressive and eerie as the Titanic.

Shopping, Dining & Nightlife

Vanuatu's capital Port Vila, on Efate, has plenty of distinctive goods you’ll want to bring home with you. Head to the harbour front for handicrafts such as bead or shell necklaces, carvings, ankle rattles and headdresses. You'll also find items like WWII Coke bottles, reflecting Vanuatu's past as a base for the U.S. Navy, and coconut shell bras. The town's "lower" main street has clothing boutiques, jewellers and top-value duty free shops.

Hungry? Good. Port Vila's top restaurants serve up delicious cuisine as varied as Vanuatu's rich multicultural history. French, Italian, Spanish and Asian fusion are just a few of the popular culinary choices. Whatever you fancy, be sure to try dishes with the local beef, which is renowned for being delicious. And of course, the freshly caught seafood should make it on your plate at least once a day. If you've still got room for pudding, treat yourself to the local delicacy, Lap Lap. A delicious concoction of banana, yam and coconut cream baked in an earth oven, you’ll be licking your lips over Lap Lap.

Vanuatu holidays extend way past the sunset, too. Take an evening cruise over the calm moonlit waters while you sip fine wines and sway to the gentle rhythms of island music. Or, join in traditional dancing at regular festivities around the island. Who knows? You might make some new best friends to kick on with in Port Vila's many vibrant nightclubs. They keep the fun going into the wee hours of the night.

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Have your heart set on experiencing the heat of Mount Yasur? Wotif offers the best value and biggest selection of travel options for business travellers, families, couples and solo explorers. Bundle your flight and hotel with a Vanuatu package to save the most money, and you can even pair it with your plans to visit the third-largest island in the Vanuatu chain during your Efate holidays. Book your trip and get on island time with our Vanuatu holiday deals.

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