Honeymoon in Africa

Take a moment to envisage the best honeymoon destinations… A honeymoon in Africa should be in your list of choices of places to visit

Today, the honeymoon has become a goal in itself, rather than a simple step on the way to achieving your married status.

Today, a honeymoon must be both spectacular and a memorable statement. A celebration of your new identity as a married couple.

As weddings are quite stressful, a honeymoon also does double duty as a way to take care of yourself and relax once all the official celebrations are out of the way.

It might be the first time in weeks that you can have some much-needed alone time.

While many couples live together before they are married, a honeymoon is an opportunity to adapt to the reality of the full meaning carried by the very public statement of marriage.

Honeymoons have changed!.

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If you opt for a honeymoon in africa here are few steps to consider

1.      While it is acceptable to color outside the budget lines for your honeymoon, it is a great idea to be realistic about what you can afford. World-class Travel Designer services are entirely free (and why would you not use professional help during one of the busiest times of your life?), and they will know how to balance your budget without popping your bubble.

2.      Use a honeymoon fund request instead of a traditional gift list, and your friends and family can help make your dreams come true.

3.      If a name change is on the cards and you are leaving on a honeymoon right after your wedding, it might be a good idea to use your maiden name for flights.

5.      This tip is valid for all travel – but especially so when your destination is off the beaten track. Some countries have unusual arrival requirements (like having two blank pages next to each other in your passport), and your honeymoon is not the moment you want to be surprised by an unexpected rule. A Travel Designer will have your back when it comes to any idiosyncratic details that may cross your path, but if you are planning your own trip, you can do your research online.

6.      And if you organize your own honeymoon DO remember to tell everyone that you are on honeymoon! From better rooms to individual dinner reservations and great wine… all the world is in love with love, and everywhere you go, your hosts will want to help you celebrate.

Honey moon resort in Kenya

honeymoon in africa

Things to Consider when you Plan your African Safari Honeymoon and beach holiday

Available time

It is essential to factor in travel and transfers to ensure that most of your precious time will be spent having fun and relaxing in Africa. Time of year is another vital component as subtle seasonal differences can render one destination much more exciting than another.


Knowing where to splurge and where to save can change the entire trip. While most safari holidays are all-inclusive, there are specific adventures that might prove an unforgettable highlight if you choose to add them.

Do contemplate the offseason if you are on a budget


A honeymoon in Africa is a delicate balancing act of spending time alone and interacting with select small groups.

Beach vs. Bush

Everyone has their own preference, but in Africa, it is often merely a matter of perfectly combining the different destinations. Africa is filled with islands, and many of them will provide you with an exquisite top honeymoon destination

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