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What to pack for your kilimanjaro climb

What to pack for your kilimanjaro climb

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Pack carefully for your Kilimanjaro climb.

It’s important to find the balance between packing light and making sure that you have everything you need. Layers are crucial given the diversity of Kilimanjaro’s climate. You’ll need sun protection for the lower reaches, and warm clothes for the summit. It is possible to rent equipment on-site, although quality and fit vary greatly. Remember to pack spare batteries for your camera, and photocopies of your passport/ insurance document.

Make sure to carry cash for tipping your guide and your porter, who will carry up to 30 lbs/15 kg of your personal gear for you.


The secret to dressing up right is layering, weather changes dramatically in Africa

most of your clothing that you are not actually wearing will be carried by your porter.  although a guide will always accompany you on the trail you are unlikely to see your porter except at the huts or the camps.  therefore it is important you pack carefully the smaller day pack you carry yourself.  anything you need during the course of the day should be in your day pack including, most importantly, something warm and something waterproof.

light clothing is generally sufficient until you reach the 3-4000 metre / 12-14,000 feet altitude range provided you always have something warm and waterproof right with you.  beyond these altitudes, even if the mornings are glorious, you must always be ready for dramatic changes in the weather, including snow storms.  you must have clothing right with you adequate to the conditions.

it is for the final ascent that all your warm clothing is important.  the ascents are normally done at night and this is when the coldest temperatures are experienced.  you must be prepared for temperatures of minus 25 celsius/ minus 13 fahrenheit.  as a rule you should wear 2 pairs of socks, 3 layers on the legs, 4 -5 layers on top.  a balaclava or skimask is necessary to keep the head warm and you should have a hood to protect your head from wind.  mittens and dark glasses.

note:  the bag the porter carries for you should not exceed 15kgs/33lbs.  if bags are too heavy items may have to be removed or the climber may choose to hire an additional porter.


what to carry for a kilimanjaro climb
Kilimanjaro climbing

Suggested clothing list, does not have to exact but gives you a guidline on what to carry

  1. anorak/parka with hood
  2. mittens
  3. balaclava/skimask
  4. ski sunglasses
  5. scarf
  6. 2 pairs warm trousers
  7. thermal underpants and vest/long sleeved
  8. 6 pairs socks thin and thick
  9. t-shirts x 3, longsleeve shirts x 2-3
  10. sweater/fleece x 1
  11. waterproof trousers and jacket
  12. sunproof hat
  13. boots and trainers/sandals
  14. small first aid kit
  15. day pack
  16. water bottles 3 x 1 ltr
  17. sleeping bag
  18. mattress /thermarest-camping only
  19. headache tablets
  20. imodium (loperamide)
  21. diamox
  22. towel/soap/toiletries
  23. torch/flashlight and spare batteries
  24. gaiters
  25. sunblock/in day pack
  26. camera, film,batteries


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